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Our mechanism of automating logistics processes by providing an integrated end to end fulfillment.

Your benefits, our proposal

We at IWCL propose a readily available e-Logistics collaboration platform, which decouples your internal processes and systems from the complexities of the external supply chain landscape.

Our e-logistics platform fully automates all incoming manual messages and seamlessly integrates with any ERP system. This allows us to dynamically manage many supply chain Customers with different business volumes and technical capabilities. Additionally, our Customers can increase real-time supply chain visibility beyond their corporate boundaries by capturing all accurate process information in one single interface.

Reduction of costs

Fully integrated workflow and business process management.
One single channel for Web, Mobile and EDI and form-based collaboration.
Accurate KPIs and SLAs: Single Version of the Truth with shared and verifiable data.

e-Logistics through secure managed tools

Manage exceptions and changes beyond corporate boundaries immediately.
Streamlining the collaboration process between our Customers and all of our supply chain partners.
Providing seamless collaboration and integration via on-demand EDI connections to EDI-capable partners and an e-Logistics collaboration platform for non-EDI partners.

Data driven advantages

Increase speed.
Continuous improvement.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the most popular courier service provider in China?
Do IWCL provide cross-border e-commerce logistics?

Yes, it is severed from BLP. Please contact us for more details.