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Contract Logistics

Our logistics through innovation, dedication and technology

A scalable approach to optimize your warehousing and distribution processes, IWCL wide-ranging warehousing and distribution services connect seamlessly within your supply chain globally

IWCL integrated and unified global WMS, you get real-time visibility and reporting on inventory, along with connectivity that allows you to expand your global operations virtually anywhere in the world. Strong inventory management and customized fulfillment and delivery services keep your supply chain virtually available, anywhere at any time.



Dedicated warehouse

IWCL provide dedicated warehouse service for well-known brands around the world. It can be both bond warehouse inside a BLP as regional hub or a general warehouse a national DC.
  • Customized layout design: the goods flow is simulated using system optimization tools to determine the best warehouse layout. We will make sure each sqm is proper used without waste, and the flow of good is smooth.
  • Special warehouse hardware: depending on client’s product size, shape, weight and storage requirements, suitable storage and handling equipment will be purchased to handle them in most efficient way, no matter it is FMCG, or Apparel, or Food and Beverage, or Mechanical equipment, or Bulky Raw Material etc. It can also be ambient, air-conditioned, chilled and frozen, or dangerous goods, or high value products.
  • Dedicated operation team: a dedicated team with warehouse manager, supervisor and operator will be assigned. They are fixed for the warehouse to make sure that they are familiar with products, SOP and operational requirements to sure stable performance outcome.
  • Tail-made SOP and KPI: we will write the SOP together with our client to make sure all the operational requirements are fulfilled in consistency. We will also set up proper KPI to meet the business target and allocate enough resource to make sure the KPI can be reached.
  • Separated WMS system configuration: our state of art WMS will be configurated specially to fit the SOP to support the operation. The interface between our WMS and client ERP and other platform will be tailed made.

Multi-users warehouse

IWCL provide multi-users warehouse service if the operation is still small in terms of both cargo volume and order quantity. It is very suitable if the business is in a start-up phase, or if the business focus on a small dedicated sector, or if the client just enter a new market. The multi-users warehouses are also available as both bonded or general areas.

The cargo will be stored with other brands in a big warehouse. Each block of our warehouse will only store one category of products. For example, food will only be stored together will other food brands, and apparel will only be stored together with other apparel brands. Each brand will have some relative fixed rack/shelving.

Value added services

The increasing demands for product customization and delivery compliance, our global network of facilities and value-added warehousing services helps our customers reduce their global inventory footprint of finished goods. Whether it’s a one-time promotional item project or ongoing light assembly and localization requirements, we are ready to customize your inventory to meet your various market needs.

In our warehouses, we provide the following value-added service to our customers:

& final assembly
Product inspection
& compliance
Product rework
& recycling

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Frequently asked questions

What industry do IWCL contract logistics handle?

We don’t limited our business on specific industry. Right now, our customer includes apparel, food, beverage, furniture, machinery, manufacturing, electronic, cosmetic.

What is the advantage of China BLP.

Bonded logistics park (BLP) can be a good option as fast east hub. Both products produced in China and outside China can be store together inside BLP with tax advantage. Products from China gets tax refunded already, and products outside China do not need to pay any duty yet. Considering that the cost is also low, it is a perfect multi-county consolidate choice. We have BLP service all over China, Shenzhen and Shanghai is the most popular choice.

Can IWCL customized my requirements?

Yes, we are very flexible in terms of the service we provide. We understand that the global supply chains are increasingly complex and multi-dimensional. To support your sourcing, manufacturing and distribution activities in multiple countries, IWCL offers highly customized solutions to cater to your unique requirements. We can set up a dedicated operation team which will respond your special requirement on time. Please contact us for details.